A working brain can gain, working in partnership to maximise your potential

Share&Resolve provide a specialist bespoke service for those who have suffered a head injury and wish to begin the process of returning to work, or further education.

In addition, we provide bespoke training, which includes Brain Injury Awareness and "Working with Disability" for the employers, who themselves may need guidance and support.

The consequences and effect on people who have suffered a head injury can be devastating, changing their lives over night.

A head injury can be suffered by anyone, from any walk of life, and at any age.

In addition to physical disability challenges, cognitive problems can also occur with behaviour, memory, organisation, initiation, anxiety, anger, fatigue, slower processing of information, confabulation, multi-tasking, motivation and lack of insight into their difficulties.

In over 10 years of working with people who have sustained head injuries, it is our experience that no two people are ever affected the same.

The effects of the head injury will also have a significant effect on others who are supporting or involved with the head injured person.

Dramatic and subtle changes will undoubtedly take place, with little or no understanding of what is before them. With the lack of suitable professional support or guidance the experience can be extremely overwhelming. This can lead to flawed decision making and severely hinder the head injured progress in achieving a vocational goal.

Employers also may find that the member of staff who may physically look the same post injury now do not perform the same. They may start making errors, behaving differently, not understand instructions and have no initiation or insight into their reduced performance.

It is said that brain injury can be a "hidden disability". This is because the head injured can, in certain situations, appear as if their cognitive abilities have not been impaired. Thus leading to unrealistic expectations by all concerned which will ultimately result in failure.

Share&Resolve can and have made a positive difference to peoples lives. We continue to work to maximise people's potential.


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