A working brain can gain, working in partnership to maximise your potential

Brain Injury specialist in vocational training and employment support.  The driving force and Director of Share & Resolve bespoke services is Derek Wheele who is a Professional member of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association UK. a member of the Brain Injury Social Work Group and Acquired brain injury forum for London (ABIL).

Derek has worked with professionals, families and employers of people who have suffered a head injury for over 10 years, specialising in working with those who wish to return to work and or education. Working alongside specialist psychologists who have had many years experience working with people who have suffered a head injury. Injuries that have been brought about by road traffic accidents, strokes, meningitis, tumours, infection, accidents at work, personal attack, trips and falls,medical errors and Cushing's disease 


Other work experiences includes working as a supported employment consultant specialising in mental health, a director of a Mental Health Charity and a self employed management consultant.

Taking a holistic approach to client's challenges, Derek is a highly motivated and versatile individual who has grounded experience working in the commercial, voluntary and disability sector, at all levels.

With excellent interpersonal, training and presentation skills, Derek is committed to quality delivery and customer service, and is keen to maximise people and business potential.

Derek takes a practical approach to challenges and believes that working in partnership benefits all concerned. Although the service is client focused, we believe that all can benefit if it is acknowledged that support and understanding is as much of a need for significant others and employers as it is for the head injured.

Our approach is to provide support, training and situations, where the client can learn and develop the skills and insight needed, to find and adapt suitable compensatory strategies to maximise their potential. The learning process is evidence based.


An Associate of Share & Resolve bespoke services is Leisa Zakeri, who has an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a BA Honours in Psychology (2:1) from the University of Strathclyde


Leisa has written on the use of occupational competency exercises as a means of increasing vocational skills in the brain injured population, and has attended conferences on "Holistic Neuro-Rehabilitation – What Can Anthropopophic Medicine Contribute?" and "Coming of Age with Acquired Brain Injury – Transition to Adulthood".

Working with the clients and families who attended the specialist Brain Injury Vocational Centre in London, Leisa was one of the team who assessed potential clients for the suitability of the programme.

Leisa has experience in assessment, preparing and delivering both group and bespoke training, ability testing, mentoring, and preparing and monitoring bespoke programme plans.


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