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A traumatic event can affect anyone from any profession and at any age. This can be particularly so for those who have suffered a head injury. Such events can lead to long term sickness and result in a disability and, will come at a cost – both emotional and financial - to employer and the employee.

As providers of job retention services to major employers we understand that working with disability and trying to retain employees whose circumstances have changed, raises a range of complex issues and challenges, all of which have cost associations. This is particularly evident where a return to the same job may not prove to be possible and having tried other work opportunities employment may no longer prove to be a viable situation.

Using our services could well limit potential liability claims with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act. In addition to providing support to both employer and employee to maximise potential for a succesful return to work.

Our independent status means that we can work with all parties in such situations to provide independent advice and support.  Our transparent and open approach equips us to maximise the potential of the staff member on a one-to-one basis, whilst also supporting employers during this process. Whatever the outcome, our aim, wherever possible is to help facilitate any transitional life changes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


This quote from Emma Aldridge, Human Resources Manager - Austria, Germany, UK Finance, FIT Sales & Operations, Group Sales & Operations, Inbound Services and RBS of Gulliver Travels, who we have worked with demonstrates the benefits of a relationship with us:

"Once again I am very glad we had the opportunity to benefit from Job Retention Services assistance to help our employee and would certainly recommend this service without hesitation to other employers"


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