A working brain can gain, working in partnership to maximise your potential

Life Coaching

Brain injury or not life can be very challenging and on our own we are not always able to resolve those challenges. Family and friends are not always the ones that can help identify factors and strategies that can help you in your personal development.


A life coach will help you understand more clearly what the issues are which prevent you maximising your potential and strategies to deal with them. Meetings are confidential and the service can help you value your self and resolve issues and build on your existing skills and abilities. 

“Working with Disability” Awareness Training

Historically much of disability training has been focused on the needs of the person with a disability, with less regard for the needs of the employer and employees.

Our training approach will take all parties concerns into consideration and ensure that through a greater understanding of needs, creative solutions can be found to any barrier.

A well informed and supported employer will greatly increase the opportunities for people with challenges to be employed and add value to the organisation that they work for. Many employers, unintentionally place barriers to employing people with skills and potential who happen to have individual challenges.

We take the view that there needs to be a duty of care to both.

All companies will want to increase productivity, keep and maintain productive and loyal members of staff whilst at the same time seeking to increase their customer base. They will want staff that are flexible, problem solvers and are customer service focused.

Positive training on working with disability can help achieve this.

The concerns of businesses need to be recognized, with regard to performance quality and productivity. The training will be in partnership with the employer and will address any misunderstanding around working with disability, dealing in a positive way with seemingly negative but perhaps valid views of the impact of working with disability, problem solving skills and customer service.


Advice on Work Environment and adjustment

Measure performance, address noise distraction, information processing, team interaction, physical barriers can all affect an employer’s performance. We take a practical yet holistic approach to resolving these issues.

Bespoke Training

Business improvements necessitate the support of all staff and management. There are some people training that need a bespoke approach to meet the individual needs of the organisation. Share and Resolve in partnership with the employer can devise, develop write and deliver training specifically to meet those needs.

Brain Injury awareness Training

Brain injury is sometimes referred to as the hidden disability, as the Brain Injured person can present well and underlying challenges will not be recognised. It is important to help address these challenges if the underlying problems can be demonstrated and explained.  As a society we tend to judge people as they present themselves, which will mean that people with a brain injury will have expectations put upon them that they cannot meet. This is not helped if the brain injured person themselves have little or no insight as to their difficulties. It is natural to react in a personal way to how people react to you. In the case of a head injured person the way that they interact is a result of the head injury and not through a personal choice

The awareness training can be of value to the professional, employers, the head injured person and those involved in their lives,


If as an organisation you have asked any of the questions below and feel that you need help addressing them, then please contact us as working together we may well be able to help positively resolve the questions:

  • There is a need to make sure that our companies attitude and approach at all levels in working with people who have disability is positives and professional, as apart from meeting our companies ethos it can help reduce any potential claims under the Disability  Discrimination Act (DDA)
  • Our commercially run organisation represents people who have recourse in law following a traumatic event caused by a third party Our  staff could benefit from understanding more about the consequences of the injury.
  • If I became disabled am I confident that my business is prepared to make the necessary adjustments and to understand my needs
  • I have staff who I want to be able to help return to work but I am not sure that I understand their needs and can give them the support required to maxims their potential
  • There is a need to find a way to help my staff to be Flexible creative and problem solvers
  • It is important that the staff see how essential to the business the value of team working
  • I need my staff to be customer focused and empathic to our customers needs
  • It is important that I support my staff to be comfortable in dealing with colleagues and customers who happen to have a disability
  • People from different walks of life and with different challenges can add value to a business
  • I want my work force to be representative of the community it serves
  • For people who happen to have a disability I want to make a positive difference to helping them return to work
  • I want to develop initiatives to help people who have a disability to prepare for work
  • I do not employ as many people with diversity as I would like and I need to make sure that I am not putting barriers in the way?
  • As a local government organisation I need to provide rehabilitation services with a strong focus on work activates 

Formal Bespoke Programme Plan Reviews

Formal regular reviews of the goals that have been agreed and set as part of the process need to be reviewed at a formal meeting where all parties can participate. Based on the results of the review, further goal setting needs to be carried out with the client’s agreement.

It is important to note that such meetings are held in a positive environment and that it is not about failure or success but achievement and identifying additional support or change of approach. It can also be an opportunity for significant others to be involved in the clients progress and be a platform where they can air their fears and concerns, receive acknowledgement of their own challenges, and where possible gain insight, guidance and support .

Initiating and developing a Bespoke Programme Plan

Developing a bespoke Individual programme plan is an important part of the process of identifying and addressing the barriers which prevent the client’s journey to achieving employment and or further education. Our holistic approach will be to involve the significant players in the client’s life to help formulate the goals. It is helpful if the work being carried out is understood and reinforced in all aspects of the client’s life.

It is also an important tool for focusing, monitoring, giving support where required and measuring progress

However as a client led organisation this will only be achieved with the clients agreement as the goals will be theirs and they will be expected to sign up to them

Job Coaching

Job Coach Services will work with the employer and employee to prepare, coordinate and support all parties within the workplace. This service will also have available to it all the relevant services as described in this section.

Job Design and Modification

For those clients who are returning to work some modifications may need to be made to their job description as required by the Disability Discrimination Act. By working in partnership with all those concerned reasonable adjustments are likely to be found which enable the returnee to continue add value to the organisations business

Job Search Training

For those who have not worked before or who are unable to return to their previous employment will be need to prepare for open employment competition.


People who have suffered a traumatic event in their lives can suffer numerous challenges and part of the process to address these challenges is through discussion and honest feedback. Much of the work will be based on evidence which will be available through the goal setting process, reviews of the goals and working on a one to one basis at the work place.

Gaining insight into challenges of oneself can be very difficult; the requirements of the work place are most likely to produce difficulties that the client will not have had to face post injury.

Pre placement Health and Safety Audits

A Health and Safety Audit of the potential work placements premises will be carried out to ensure that it is a suitable, meet the clients needs and that the employers health and safety obligations are carried out and that their legal responsibilities are met. Employers and where necessary clients will be required to sign the audit document.

Vocational Assessments

A person who has suffered a head injury will need to be assessed as to their ability, skill base, skills retained, barriers to work and insight. The assessment will take the form of an informal/formal interview where information can be gathered and assessed

Vocational Guidance

Based on the information received from the assessment a greater understanding of the needs and barriers of the client will be known and discussion can be held with the client to agree and set goals which will address their needs and barriers

Pre Work Placement Assessment and Job Goal Setting

This process will be through an interview which has a standard format which will help the client identify any issues that they might have in the workplace.  Based on the information gained goals will be identified and set to enable the work placement assessment to be focused on specific pre identified potential barriers

Job Preparation through attending a Work placement

Identifying bespoke work placements in itself can be a challenge but where reasonable and possible they are essential to prepare clients for the possibility of employment. It will give the client the best opportunity to maximise their potential, provide motivation, identify any additional challenges, assist in gaining self insight, improve or gain work habits, learn new skills and or practice existing ones, gain self confidence and self worth and maybe for the first time add value to an existing CV or be the start of a new one.

Work Placement assessments

Such assessment will be carried out by the Job Coach on a regular basis meeting with both employer and clients to ensure that any difficulties are addressed to avoid the potential of them becoming more serious. The employer will also be required to give a written assessment based on a preset questionnaire and this will be compared with the clients self assessment and provide the basis to discuss any marked insight issues

Work Retention (Co-coordinating return to work with support)

It is unlikely that an employer will have the experience of working with some one who has had a brain injury. This service works with both the head injured and the employer to identify the potential barriers and to provide solutions and maximise potential. This could include staff training in Brain Injury Awareness, meeting with colleagues and returnees, to address any issues that they have in a positive manner and together. Work with the employer and returnee to establish a work monitoring system which will allow both the returnee and the employer to evaluate performance. To have regular reviews to identify difficulties and compensating strategies

To work with the returnee on a one to one basis to provide work expertise, identify difficulties and solutions, to manage self awareness and changes to work practice. Provide mentoring sessions to address confidence, self esteem, attitude, communication and any other work related issue

Brain Injury Awareness training for family and Friends

Living with some one who has a brain injury can be a traumatic experience in its self. Group and individual awareness sessions can help provide some explanation, understanding, suggestions and support


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